What is Canon Printer Error 5100 and How to resolve it? Dial Toll Free No. +1-888-881-6044

Canon is considered the most reputed brand when it comes to printers and they are bought by million s people across the globe. Cano printers are used for business as well home purpose. It printers come with great and amazing features and are equipped with modern facilities. There are enormous features in printers used for office purpose. But sometimes canon printers also give some error while printing and its very normal after all it is a machine like any other.  Canon printers are no different from other machines and gives errors as well. One of the most common errors is Canon printer error 5100 which can be easily resolved by following a few steps. Or you can even call the Canon printer helpline number +1-888-881-6044.

Despite these error, canon printers are considered the most trusted brand and it is the most used printer worldwide. Cano printer have maintained there quality of service since decades and will continue to do so even in future with canon printer support which is 24/7. For the first year f purchase the canon’s services are free and provides free technical support for errors like Canon Printer Error 5100. The reason behind the popularity of canon printer is the hard work that the technicians put in resolving the issue that customer faces.

The following steps will help you troubleshoot the Canon Printer Error 5100

  1. Resetting The Ink Cartridge– The main cause of the Canon Printer Error 5100 can be the ink cartridge inside the printer. When the ink cartridge is not set properly it will stop the printer to function properly and in that case it may give you error 5100. In order to troubleshoot this issue reset the cartridge by opening the front panel of the printer.
  2. Resetting The Printer– When you use the printer for a very long time, the printer needs to be reset. It is needed when the printer keeps printing for a longer period of time. The printer must be reset once in a while to make sure it works properly. To resolve the Canon Printer Error 5100, just hold the stop button for 5 seconds and then release it . and the printer should be working fine now.
  3. Debris Inside The Printer – The printer must also be cleaned every once in a while because sometimes there is dust inside it and due to that it gives error 5100 when its unable to printer. It may be possible that some packaging material was left inside the printer. There may also be a possibility that there might be a torn piece of paper left inside the printer. So therefore is it very important to clean the printer frequently.
  4. Paper Jam Inside The Printer – And the another most common cause of the error 5100 is Paper Jam. It quite common that when you try to printer something and the printer pops up with error 5100 then it is possible that the paper is jammed. All you need to do is open the printer from the back side and check whether paper is jammed or not.
  5. Clean The Printing Strip– The white transparent plastic material which is inside the printer above the drive belt is known as printing strip and it is an important part of the printer while printing. Unclean printing strip t is also the reason why the printer gives error 5100, because if it is not clean then printer will give error Check if this strip is clean or not. So it should be clean at all times.

Canon Printer Technical Support To Fix Canon Printer Error 5100 

The steps mentioned above should easily fix your printer error 5100 but if the issue is not resolved even after following the above steps then it is recommended to call the canon printer technical support phone number +1-888-881-6044. Calling that number will help you resolve the issue as the team of expert technician will be guiding you through the step to resolve the issue as they know canon printer better than anyone. The have years of experience and they will solve your printer issue instantly. You can call us directly on our toll free number +1-888-881-6044 and do not hesitate to call.

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