How to Install HP Printers Drivers Dial Toll Free No. +1-888-881-6044

HP printer gives you he drivers which are important for your printer and compatible to your operating system so that your printer works fine and smoothly. In case drivers aren’t available or you have changed operating system then you can contact HP customer service directly to get the drivers successfully installed so that your printer is connected to your computer and your printer prints smoothly.

Lets understand first how you can download the HP printer drivers. Follow the steps below to download the drivers.

  • Choose the “Drivers and Software” option.
  • Under the product category section you will get an option which would say “Printing & Malfunction”. You will find an option to enter your product number or in the navigation menu, you may even select the model number of the printer. Make sure you select the right printer and proceed to the third step.
  • After you select your printer model number you need to click on “Download Drivers & Software” from the navigation menu bar. Find your operating system from the list given there and see for the driver options which are available which includes basic drivers or the drivers with management software. Then select the Drivers which are compatible with your computer and click on the “Download” option.
  • Lastly you need to save the drivers on your computer. You need to select the location where you save the drivers. Click on the “Save” button to download the drivers.

Now we will understand how you have to install the drivers which you have downloaded and saved on your computer.

  • You need to locate the folder where you had saved the drivers file and then double click on the file to start the installation process
  • You will get an option which would ask for your authorization to start the installation process. When you see the prompt then you click on the “Next” button and start the install wizard. Also you need to accept the default installation location.
  • Finally you will get two option “Recommended Installation” or Custom Installation”. Recommended installation will install all the necessary components which are required for the smooth printing process and Custom installation will gives you various to select what components you want to install and what components you don’t want to install. Select Recommended Installation and click on Install and the click on Finish once the process is completed.

In case you  are still unable to download or install the printer drivers compatible to your computer feel free to dial HP printer phone support number which is +1-888-881-6044,  to get assistance.

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