How to solve the paper jam issues in hp printer? Dial Toll free No. +1-888-881-6044

It is really frustrating when you are trying to print an important document or a spreadsheet and suddenly the printing stops and paper is jammed in the printer.  It will stop the functionality of the printer and the document would not be printed. It the printer forcefully tries to print the document then it might also affect the printer physically. In such cases you need to pull out the paper and for that you need to see why is the paper jammed and diagnose it and remove what’s stopping it to print Hp Printer helpline number helps you to remove the hindrance which stops you to print .

You may follow the below issues to solve paper jam issues in the printer:

  • Firstly you need to check the paper desk properly. If you see any lose paper inside please remove it. If the paper is stuck while you are putting it in, then please remove it and take it out. If you find any lose paper in it, remove it.
  • Now you need to open the rear access hatch of the printer and remove the paper which is jammed in the printer’s roller. If you don’t find any paper stuck after removal then you may proceed with printing
  • Now open the front hatch of the printer and remove the paper from there, if you find any paper stuck there.. be careful in this step and do not harm the printer while doing so.
  • Make sure that the printer cartridge is working fine, for that you need to disconnect the probes and move the carriage from one side to another and also spin the rollers two to three times to make sure that they are working fine
  • Now take out a test print to ensure that the printer is working fine.

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And after performing all the above steps still the problem persists. You may dial printer helpline number. You may call at HP Printer Support phone number +1-888-881-6044. We have a team of certified and qualified technicians who can resolve your printer issues within no time , the credit goes to their intensive knowledge about HP printers. They will give you a few instructions over the phone to make sure that the problem is resolved and doesn’t not come again. The pattern of steps will be very easy to understand and perform.

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